Friedman & Partners offers the following trainings for marketing and business development staff and others charged with conducting market research or participating in the marketing planning process. We are happy to customize any training for your firm’s needs.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting Market Research

Targeted market research provides invaluable information and intelligence for market planning and business development. Unfortunately, too many firms spend their time and resources trying to quantify the size of a market or gathering extensive information about their competitors. That’s not the smartest way to maximize the return-on-investment (ROI) from market research. We will walk you through tools and resources, what information to gather and where to find it, and how to apply market data to lead identification, conversion and proposals.

Developing a Marketing Plan that Won’t Collect Dust

Marketing planning is critical to the successful implementation of your firm’s strategic plan. Firms that don’t develop marketing/business development plans for their target markets typically lack focus and squander valuable resources. This workshop will help you to develop a plan that won’t sit on the shelf—from analysis and budgeting to implementation and measurement.

Marketing Planning for Good Times and Bad

When times are good, a well-conceived marketing plan provides the focus and the strategies necessary to target and capture opportunities that are consistent with your firm’s mission and vision. When times are bad, the marketing planning process provides the impetus and tools necessary to hedge your firm’s risks and ensure that your marketing and business development investments yield the highest return-on-investment. We’ll cover pitfalls and best practices for good times and bad, the importance of accountability, and how to bring value as a marketing professional.

Connecting Client/Prospect Feedback to Organizational Improvement

‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get!’ This truism is particularly relevant in gathering client/prospect feedback. It can be a challenge to ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time—and apply your findings in a way that creates change. Learn the ingredients of a successful client/prospect feedback program, including client/prospect perception surveys, win/loss debriefs, and ongoing satisfaction surveys. We’ll show you how to determine what you need, maximize your return on these important investments and achieve the greatest organizational impact possible.

Following the delivery of these workshops, we are often asked to provide targeted marketing planning or research assistance.

“…insightful inquiry that has helped us hone our goals and develop consensus around a course of action.”

“Defining the issue with the right questions helped us reach a deeper level of understanding.”