Our sweet spot is working with firms to identify the right C-suite leaders, market leaders, senior-level seller-doers and senior-level marketing and business development professionals to execute their growth strategies.

We take a strategic approach in working with you to define the need and determine the most effective pitching angles to woo top talent to your firm. We’re known for tenacious research and building strong, trusting relationships with prospective candidates.

Thanks to strong industry contacts and an extensive network that spans all levels of leadership, we’re proud to say that in more than 20 years of providing this service, we have never left an executive position unfilled.

  • Development of Position Description and Search Criteria
  • Positioning of Firm and Opportunity
  • Identification of Candidates
  • Outreach to Candidates
  • Prequalification Interviews and Candidate Profile Development
  • Interview Coaching
  • Offer Guidance and Review
  • Reference Checks