We love playing detective and have been told we’re pretty good at it. Our philosophy is, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get.” It’s amazing how much data one can gather by asking the right questions.

Depending on your objectives, we’ll tap into a variety of sources, including past, current and prospective clients, executive directors and staff of industry-specific professional associations, trade journals, electronic newsletters and other market-related or geographically specific publications.

This data won’t sit on your shelf. We’ll work with you to apply it to your strategic marketing, business development, service expansion or merger and acquisition plans.

  • Market Sector/Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • New Service/Product Entry
  • Office Siting Studies
  • Third-Party Loss Debriefs

Client / Prospect Research

Knowing what your clients and prospects want and need is critical to business. We provide the necessary distance that’s required to elicit the most objective, honest and high-impact feedback and information. As expert interviewers, we know how to earn interviewees’ trust and ask the tough questions, while remaining professional as ambassadors for our clients.